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Fighting For What?

“My relationship problems consume me and I don’t have the concentration to live the life I value. ” While conducting couples therapy I frequently hear versions of this lament. One husband said, ” Let’s stop fighting so we can work on climate change and do more charity […]

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Empty or Full?

Feeling empty is common. Despite our successes, or material comfort we can’t overcome our own sense of disconnection from ourselves. We have temporary escapes, a new relationship, an affair, getting high, spending, over work, rescuing others, zoning out and more. Each of us has our favorite methods […]

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Many couples are opposites. One likes to talk while the other is more withdrawn. Or one is anxious while the other seems easy going. Practice switching roles. Like an actor, try on a new part. See if each of you can take the opposite side of an […]

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When your relationship is ending remember your behavior is what represents your dignity. Forget the behavior you see on Reality Show. The participants are encouraged to go out of control for the cameras. Hitting, punching, and throwing things does not make you a better person. You may […]

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