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Longing to be Understood

When you start a fight with someone you love most of the time you ache to be known. Fights take on a typical rhythm although the accusations seem somewhat different. “You don’t understand me.” ” If you knew me. “You don’t get me!” ” I’m tired of […]

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Two Fears That Cause All Your Fights

Seriously, do you think ’cause you’re married or coupled you can skip saying thank you & please? Stop fights. Shut up and look at your partners eyes. Don’t speak until you see warmth or you feel warmth. Love filled with fear won’t speak with honesty. “Be in the present” […]

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Getting Along

Getting along happens when hour by hour you are kind or friendly or warm or accepting of your partner. Getting a new place to live, big gifts, even that fabulous vacation you both have been waiting for won’t repair the damage incurred from months or years of […]

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Adulthood, a test.

Divorce always includes a loss of faith. If the status quo remains, the future will not be better. But why?Your answer determines how civil or quarrelsome the divorce process becomes. Divorce brings up very primitive fears of abandonment, aloneness failure, and loss of innocence. I trusted. I […]

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