You control loving!

Change can be exciting, difficult, painful, a sign of progress or window dressing for staying the same. If we choose to make a change we usually think of it as us having taken control of our lives. If change is dropped on us then we tend to see it as us having to react to events outside of our control.
The sad truth is that modern life is always about change. I say sad because our nervous systems find it difficult to process the new norm: intensity, frequency and the emotional effects of coping with new feelings, information, systems, rules and the successive unmasking of beliefs once held sacred.
Take your pick government policies, organized religion, sports heroes, the job market, unhealthy air, food and water.
Then there is the cycle of birth and death. Let alone my phone or TV or toaster is built to break down in 2 years.
Where does love stand a chance?
Inside yourself you can choose to love steadily through disappointments and confusing times. Some days there is no reward for your love but simply knowing that your love is possible. The outside world and the ups and downs of others doesn’t have to infiltrate your private self.

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