Is This Relationship Healthy?

Big Questions cannot help you. Should I stay or go? Is this a good relationship for me?
Is my partner going to change? Am I happy enough in this relationship? While asking yourself
Big Questions, is, of course, sometimes necessary your most effective questions are more simple to answer.
How is my day to day life going? Do I function at my best? Am I learning about myself? Am I learning about my partner? Can I enjoy my life today even though my relationship is not where I want it to be?
While in this relationship do I have energy to live my day to day life or am I always upset? Do I avoid friends and family? Do I still exercise ? Am I worried that I am going to be abandoned? Do I say mean things when I feel disappointed?
Can I hold onto my self worth even when my partner and I disagree?
Stay in the present. Many fears are taking place in your mind but they are projections into the future.
When you add up many “today’s” your big questions are answered by your experience of how well you take care of yourself while managing the fears and rewards of love.

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