Book: The Secrets of Lost Cats

The Secrets of Lost Cats

The Secrets of Lost Cats offers a transformational journey revealing how cat owners meet the challenge of finding their missing cats. Funny, philosophical and practical: join the author, a psychotherapist and a cat person, as she explores the similarities of searching for your lost cat and searching for your authentic self in therapy. By using determination, ingenuity, devotion, intuition, courage, and personal insight cat owners show all of us how to face a world that’s filled with constant change. You don’t have to be an animal lover to recognize yourself. The narrative, part memoir and part investigative, asks and answers a question that haunts most of us: “What would we do for love?”

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Book Release Date: July 23rd, 2013


Voted One of The Top Ten Memoirs of 2013 by Publisher’s Weekly

“When she loses her cat, Zak, psychotherapist Nancy Davidson becomes obsessed with lost cat posters and reaches out to commiserate with the pet owners from Alaska to Amsterdam; her realizations about the complexity of our relationship with pets leads to The Secret of Lost Cats: One Woman, Twenty Posters, and a New Understanding of Love.”

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