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Relationship Advice, Made Simple

Head spinning? There is so much advice on the internet about relationships. Let’s keep it simple. Don’t be mean, be truthful. Don’t shred your partner because you are disappointed. Don’t expect mind reading. Keep your opinions but be open to new ones. Trust but not blindly. Demands […]

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Tests of Love

When individuals are unconsciously scared of their own needs they sometimes make up stories and exaggerate the effect that their partner’s weakness’s have on commitment Their partner’s short comings become a bigger deal than need to be. Let’s say you’re looking forward to seeing your partner but […]

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Musical Chairs

Holding on to your individuality is difficult in an intimate relationship. Think of the game musical chairs. Two people two chairs but suddenly when they become a couple there’s only one lazy boy in the room. What happened? Expectations of twinship. You will complete each other. “Your […]

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Your Smart Phone Is Making You Feel Like A Loser

Your smart phone is making you feel like loser. 24 access to other people means 24 hours of wondering why you haven’t beencalled, texted, IM, emailed, facebooked, flickered, stumbled upon. So now yourehooked into your own popularity contest. Who is thinking of me? Why aren’t theythinking of […]

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Empty or Full?

Feeling empty is common. Despite our successes, or material comfort we can’t overcome our own sense of disconnection from ourselves. We have temporary escapes, a new relationship, an affair, getting high, spending, over work, rescuing others, zoning out and more. Each of us has our favorite methods […]

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Men & Women

Female brains want to keep connection at any cost, but men’s brains are wired to avoid interpersonal conflict. Men’s blood pressure goes up and cortisol gets released during an interpersonal squabble and their brain instructs their bodies to slow down. Slow the amount of your heart beats, […]

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Sacrifice & Compromise

Sacrifice in a relationship is a noble concept that usually comes back to bite the one who sacrificed. Sacrifice usually has a hidden agenda. “If I sacrifice my desire to live on the west coast and move to NY with my partner, he/she will love me even […]

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