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Generation Courage

The twenty somethings are smart, worldly and despairing. Many of my clients up to the age of 30 are saying to me, ” I wish I grew up when you did.” ” Why?” “Because the world had values then, now everyone is out for themselves.” EVERYONE AGREES […]

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Fear Kills

When individuals are unconsciously scared of their own needs they sometimes make up stories about their partner’s weaknesses. Their partners’ short comings become a bigger deal than need be. For example, you’re looking forward to seeing your partner but he or she is often late. You’re aware […]

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Long Distance Love Moves In

Moving for love. Long distance relationships keep romantic love alive without offering the safety that comes with attachment. The high remains, planning and imagining a future together can become a narcotic. Disappointments are minimized and good behaviors last longer. Meeting with each other is novel each time. […]

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Fighting is a cover

Fighting is a cover. When partners consistently fight, they assume that their partner is the problem. Maybe. But many times each partner is terrified of feeling their own fears and vulnerabilities. As long as they can fight then they can avoid looking inside their own hearts. I’ve […]

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How to Lower Your Anxiety!

Lower your shoulders. Breath in and out slowly. Close your eyes for a minute. Drink a glass of water. Take a hot bath. Stretch up and down. Take a walk, even if its only for 5 minutes. Splash water on your face. Wiggle your toes back and […]

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Coaching vs Therapy

Both have value. In fact, coaching helps you figure out your values and take action to meet your goals. Values are important in therapy, too. However when you have been stuck for a long time or the same conflicts continue to reoccur in your life therapy brings […]

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Relationship Advice, Made Simple

Head spinning? There is so much advice on the internet about relationships. Let’s keep it simple. Don’t be mean, be truthful. Don’t shred your partner because you are disappointed. Don’t expect mind reading. Keep your opinions but be open to new ones. Trust but not blindly. Demands […]

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Tests of Love

When individuals are unconsciously scared of their own needs they sometimes make up stories and exaggerate the effect that their partner’s weakness’s have on commitment Their partner’s short comings become a bigger deal than need to be. Let’s say you’re looking forward to seeing your partner but […]

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Your Smart Phone Is Making You Feel Like A Loser

Your smart phone is making you feel like loser. 24 access to other people means 24 hours of wondering why you haven’t beencalled, texted, IM, emailed, facebooked, flickered, stumbled upon. So now yourehooked into your own popularity contest. Who is thinking of me? Why aren’t theythinking of […]

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Couples Therapy — Dealing With Anger

Time and again I see young men in couples therapy who when angry with their wives or girlfriends will call them horrible names. If you can’t say it on TV you shouldn’t be saying it to your partner. However, the men usually explode after they have showed […]

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