Empty or Full?

Feeling empty is common. Despite our successes, or material comfort we can’t overcome our own sense of disconnection from ourselves. We have temporary escapes, a new relationship, an affair, getting high, spending, over work, rescuing others, zoning out and more. Each of us has our favorite methods of running from ourselves.
Some are mild escapes, some more obviously dangerous.
Why are any of us running at all?
It seems to be part of modern life.
We seek to be part of something meaningful but no longer feel its availability to us. Family, community society, nature, God, the cosmos to name a few.
Having a special relationship is one way to feel a sense of belonging. But the love relationship eventually becomes weighted by every other unmet need that we have. Fights begin.
Becoming a couple cannot make up for living in a mobile lonely society.
Yes, someone loves us. But can he or she make up for kind neighbors, or relatives that live far away? Daily life such as commuting, errands to keep our electronics functioning or updated steal our time. We don’t rest and play. We figure and plan based on what our objects need from us.
When is there a thoughtful moment that is a planned and expected part of the day or night?We are entertained while feeling empty inside.
Emptiness exists when we don’t know our own deep thoughts and feelings. Remember you are a person not a consumer. You were born with a heart not a wallet.

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