Two Fears That Cause All Your Fights

Seriously, do you think ’cause you’re married or coupled you can skip saying thank you & please? Stop fights. Shut up and look at your partners eyes. Don’t speak until you see warmth or you feel warmth. Love filled with fear won’t speak with honesty. “Be in the present” is a great  concept and meditation, but let’s face, it it’s difficult to do when your mind is racing and your feelings are a whirlpool of anger, hurt and longing to stop fighting. Staying in the present means that you can still be aware of your memories or your wishes for the future, and understand a fight only stops when you face the fears in your self that are creating your half of the fight.
 Do you feel anxious when you look into your loved ones eyes?
Anxiety is a clash of feelings & thoughts. How many contradictory feelings inside of you are you troubled by? Watch your own fight. Each time you anxiously move from one feeling  or thought to the next your fight takes on a different tone.
2 life threatening fears fuel most fights. It’s not the surface issues: coming home late, sex, bickering, whose controlling whom?, passive aggressive anger and so forth. Scared to be abandoned & fear of losing one’s self in the relationship. Two fears can heal.
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