February Therapy

February, in New England, I say should be renamed “the do no harm month.” If you can do no harm to your own life, you’re doing great! Give up any expectations that YOU will flourish. You are surviving, period!  Goals should be minimal. Try not to get hit by a bus. Don’t expect to fall in love. Pay off your bills. If you have heat, consider yourself successful!

It’s a quiet time. A time to stop improving your self-worth, esteem, lovability. A time to suspend all the crazy messages our advertising society has stamped into your brain. No, you will not have more self confidence, an exciting lifestyle or whiter teeth. Take 5 minutes in the shower, or in bed, or while sitting at your desk and just breath in and out. It doesn’t matter what you think, hear, or feel. Please have some time with yourself. Slow down. There is no where to go. 

What do you like about yourself ? Name one small thing. Do not compete with your imaginary better self- when I get my degree, promotion, great spouse etc. Small gestures and thoughts matter. I said hello to a stranger. I was kind. I didn’t get irritated at the store clerk. That’s Febuary. I wish it lasted all year!

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