Generation Courage

The twenty somethings are smart, worldly and despairing. Many of my clients up to the age of 30 are saying to me, ” I wish I grew up when you did.”
” Why?”
“Because the world had values then, now everyone is out for themselves.”
EVERYONE AGREES that loyalty doesn’t matter, the government is corrupt, Wall Street does want it wants, the banks cheat, the economy is tilted towards the rich and our quality of life is diminishing but we are entertained more by our technology toys.
The revolution will not be televised only because no one shows up to revolt. There is no simple life. Individuals are suffering from meager schooling, loss of civil rights, billionaire politics, media infotainment, climate destruction, unequal justice, privacy invasions. We sell our roads and highways to private business, we sell our prisons, our healthcare too and saddle the young with student loans.
Yes, I agree with the young 20’s and 30′ year olds perceptions of reality.
I remember when I was considered a citizen. That era ended when I became a consumer. Today I am a referred to as a brand.
I understand why young people feel despair. There are few role models who live with integrity.
Living an authentic life, during unstable times, takes courage.

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