Give It A Rest

“Give it a rest,” is not the same as avoiding. One partner always wants to process more than the other. It seems to be a weird law of becoming a couple. One needs to express feelings too frequently for the other.
Try something different instead of playing out your normal arguments.
Ask one question: If you were magically at the end of the argument what is it that you want to have achieved? Do I want to be the right one? Do I want my partner to admit something? Do I want to feel closer? Do I want to punish my partner? Name your goal to yourself and see if you can shorten the argument.
Or just announce your goal and don’t bother to introduce all your evidence.
Just say it. ” I want you to feel bad.”
Laugh at your contradictions.
“But in an hour can we make up and see a movie?”
Then give it a rest.

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