Musical Chairs

Holding on to your individuality is difficult in an intimate relationship.
Think of the game musical chairs.
Two people two chairs but suddenly when they become a couple there’s only one lazy boy in the room.
What happened?
Expectations of twinship. You will complete each other. “Your good with money that will help me with my spending.” Your the outdoor type so I’ll learn how to ski, finally.”
These exchange of services expand into emotional trades.
“You make me feel good when my mean boss yells at me. ” “And you give me confidence that I’m smart and can go to college.”
But what happens when one of you doesn’t play the good cheerleader role? The two chairs disappear. The lazy boy shows up. “Support my weaker self, I can’t do it because I gave that part of me to you and we’re both in the big lazy together! Right?

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