Couples/Marriage Therapy


For couples in crisis, and for the stable couple who want to improve their communication and intimacy.


Do you chase away love without knowing it?
Do you hide your real self to keep the peace?
Learn specific relationship skills; be independent and be close.
Heal from an affair. Both of you are wounded for separate reasons.
Listen like you love your partner! Stop judging.
Love from the best of you.

Why do couples become unhappy?

The answer is — because it’s normal. Couples inevitably will feel hurt, anger, and disappointment. Love is usually not the problem between couples. Expecting your partner to complete you leaves your partner feeling overwhelmed and you remain unaware of your own strength. Couples often don’t know the underlying messages that they’re sending to each other. You may feel that you’re talking about money, sex, or visiting your parents, but underneath, each of you has an unconscious set of demands and fears. I won’t be loved if I don’t do what my spouse wants. I’ll comply but underneath I’ll build resentment. I’m tired of being taken for granted. I’m afraid to say what I really think. My spouse is very moody so I try not to set him or her off. I pretended to get over a fight we had but I really didn’t. I’m afraid to show how deeply I love. I’m afraid that my body isn’t good enough. How can someone love me when I feel like a loser?

Couples become happy when they stop trying to be a “good” partner, and instead become an honest one.

Couples Therapy will help you stop the cycles of criticism, withdrawal, contempt, and defensiveness. Allow you to share your tender feelings with each other and stop your old patterns.


Learn to speak freely with each other.

Learn empathy.

Learn how to say “no” without guilt.

Receive love instead of sabotaging it.

Reawaken your sex life.

Fight productively.

Get your best friend back.

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