Couples Therapy For One®


Stop the cycle of hurt, temporary fixes, and disappointments.

Do you become a different person when you become a part of a couple? Improve your relationship without your partner joining you in counseling. Come in solo.

Of course, later on your partner may join you. Couples Therapy For One® focuses on ending patterns that caused either you or your partner to give up your independence.

When do couples become unhappy?

Most troubled couples begin therapy because each partner has unknowingly lost their sense of individuality. The topic of the fight might be money, sex, kids, or which one didn’t clean up, but it’s really about two people who have stopped being friends with each other. They hide their real selves and alternately comply and rebel against their partner. When you constantly react to someone, you’ve lost your independence – this is called emotional merger.

Do you recognize these signs of emotional merger?

    • Feeling guilty taking a night out
    • Giving up your interests
    • Trying anxiously to please your partner
    • Lying to avoid arguments
    • Saying vile things in rage
    • Fearing you’re not good enough
    • Isolated from family by your partner
    • Flirting with others to feel admired
    • Sneaking your sense of independence.

Sample First Session:

      1. Dr. Nancy interviews you.
      2. You offer an example of a fight.
      3. You describe how you resolved it (or not). If you could do it over, what would you do?
      4. Couples Therapy For One® introduces a unique system. Three aspects of a person can make a healthy relationship. Surprisingly, these three aspects include strengths and fears.
      5. Create a simple personalized map of yourself that you can learn in twenty minutes. The map helps you to more accurately define your counseling goals (besides trying to change your partner!)

Goals Include:

      • learning to fight more effectively
      • resolving a childhood pattern
      • exploring whether a realistic change is possible within the relationship
      • raising your credibility as a partner when giving feedback
      • getting out of the role of either parent or child in the relationship
      • recognizing and giving voice to your own feelings, thoughts, and needs

Couples Therapy For One® Can Teach You…

Couples Therapy for One includes learning to love shame free, listening without anxiety, expressing your needs without fear, saying no without guilt, handling disappointment without crumbling, standing up for your ideas, respecting your intuitions. Give up demands for proof of love. Risk opening up. Use anger to help, not to destroy. Share scary feelings. Learn to be kind even when disappointed. Offer pleasure. Keep faith. Believe in your own goodness even when you can’t feel it.

One + One = A Strong Couple

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