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What Kills Romance?

Secretly protecting your partner kills a couples’ romantic life! Protection may be as simple as not giving honest feedback because you fear that you will add to your partner’s over all pain in life. For example, often men don’t want to tell the woman in their life […]

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Two Fears That Cause All Your Fights

Seriously, do you think ’cause you’re married or coupled you can skip saying thank you & please? Stop fights. Shut up and look at your partners eyes. Don’t speak until you see warmth or you feel warmth. Love filled with fear won’t speak with honesty. “Be in the present” […]

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Couples Therapy — Dealing With Anger

Time and again I see young men in couples therapy who when angry with their wives or girlfriends will call them horrible names. If you can’t say it on TV you shouldn’t be saying it to your partner. However, the men usually explode after they have showed […]

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Time Away

Every couple, if possible would benefit from time away from each other. A night , a weekend whatever allows one spouse to stop reacting to the rules and values of the other spouse. Some couples emotionally merge – no longer knowing their separate needs. As a couple […]

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Trust is evaporating in modern life. What role can love in our personal lives offer as a respite from the seeming loss of trust in every major industry and governing bodies? Can a partner make up for losses that you experience from elsewhere in the world? I […]

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