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Tests of Love

When individuals are unconsciously scared of their own needs they sometimes make up stories and exaggerate the effect that their partner’s weakness’s have on commitment Their partner’s short comings become a bigger deal than need to be. Let’s say you’re looking forward to seeing your partner but […]

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Fighting For What?

“My relationship problems consume me and I don’t have the concentration to live the life I value. ” While conducting couples therapy I frequently hear versions of this lament. One husband said, ” Let’s stop fighting so we can work on climate change and do more charity […]

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Yearning for someone does not make them yearn magically for you.

Some of my clients are caught between a rock and an abandoning place. Because they long for someone those feelings build up an imaginary relationship. Longing reinforces longing. It does not change the reality of a one-sided relationship. Be kind to yourself and feel good that you […]

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