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“Best therapy session that my wife and I have had yet. I would not dream of recommending anyone else. This help has changed my life.”Rate MDs:

“Dr. Nancy Davidson is highly qualified to offer therapy sessions to singles and couples. Id been with her for both, first single, and now in a committed relationship. After each session, I come away with new insights, and feel a sense of invigoration. I most heartedly recommend her.”


“SIMPLY AMAZING. It’s hard to explain just how incredibly helpful Dr. Nancy has been to me. I have tried other local therapists and been disappointed. Until I started seeing her a year ago, I had no faith in counseling. What makes her different? She will relate to you — she’s a likeable, real person. Not only will she will help you to see clearly, she will help you to take active steps to problem-solve. She isn’t the kind of therapist who will just sit with you for an hour, nodding and taking notes. She has so much more to offer than the typical,  ”and how does that make you feel?” She creates a safe environment for discussion. In her comfortable office you feel like you are talking to a close friend – one who is funny, honest, kind, intelligent; someone who possesses excellent listening skills and an uncanny intuition. She has given me tremendous support. You will feel better after your first session; you will feel better after each session. Highly, highly recommended. Just meet with her once. You’ll see what I mean.”

“Nancy Davidson is a top-tier psychologist with oodles of experience and a knack for helping people. I give her my highest commendation.  Being in her sphere, you will benefit!”

Rate MDs:

“Not every therapist is right for every client, but Dr. Nancy Davidson proved to be right for me. From the get-go, I felt that she was on my wave length and had a sincere interest in the challenges that I’m grappling with. My sessions with her have been highly productive and I actually look forward to each one. Her help has made a big difference in my life and I highly recommend her services.”

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“Yesterday I visited Nancy Davidson with my wife thinking that our relationship was more or less over. However, she helped me to gain a lot of insight and really make a 180 in the way things were going with our relationship. I would recommend this therapist.”“If I had to recommend a therapist, I would have no hesitation recommending Nancy Davidson. My sessions with her have been highly productive, and more than worthwhile.”

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“Nancy Davidson is an incredible person and therapist. She has positively impacted my relationship as well as my opinions on seeking therapy as a solution to problems when it comes to relationships.”

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