When You Are Getting Played

New romance is exciting and blinding. Our hopes for love, protection, feeling desired and companionship can override our self preservation instincts. We may ignore our gut feeling that our new lovers behavior or attitude indicates long term trouble.

Key reasons to not trust a new romance!

1) CHEAPNESS, your new lover never has their wallet or frequently offers to pay you back. If you have to ask -more than once-for the money that you fronted, you are getting used.
2) SUPPLIES Your home because the clubhouse because your partner likes your place , it’s convenient but you buy most of the supplies.
3) SACRIFICE Your new love wants you to stay at his/her place at a great inconvenience to your work schedule.
4) ISOLATION You rarely meet anyone in his/her life.
5) LIVES WITH THEIR MOTHER in between relationships. Never pays own rent or does own laundry.
6) DOESN’T COMPLETE SCHOOL, JOBS, or is an inconsistent parent to their child.
7) TIME Consistently cannot show up on time and gets offended or angry with you when you ask what held them up.

Adults may have difficult circumstances such as health, money, job, finances and so forth but INTEGRITY has nothing to do with circumstance. You know when you are treated with RESPECT and KINDNESS. Don’t let someone new in your life talk you out of your own common sense.

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