Your Smart Phone Is Making You Feel Like A Loser

Your smart phone is making you feel like loser.

24 access to other people means 24 hours of wondering why you haven’t been
called, texted, IM, emailed, facebooked, flickered, stumbled upon. So now youre
hooked into your own popularity contest. Who is thinking of me? Why aren’t they
thinking of me? I’m thinking of them. Then you become disappointed, hurt, possibly
angry. Over what exactly? The longing to feel wanted, remembered , important
in the exact way that you imagined it should happen. The result is that a friend,
partner, spouse, has landed in the dog house IN YOUR MIND. Remember they have
no reason to suspect you’ve driven yourself crazy feeling like a loser. No fight took
place, no negative communication except silence. These are normal separations
that need to occur every day such as going to work, hanging out with pals, and
going to the gym. They don’t know that you are emotionally testing them. Your wild
emotional demands want ongoing communication, reassurance, as if these people in
your life are supposed to be 24hrs therapists. Some clients claim that they text their
boyfriend or girlfriends all the time to make sure that they are safe. Really? How
many shoppers have died in the cereal section of a supermarket?

Don’t let your smart phone make you feel like a loser. Always waiting to be
contacted by anyone. Take short breaks from it. Try 20 minutes. Turn it off. Put
your thoughts back into making your own life work. Then turn it back on. Keep
practicing for short periods of time and claim your own life. Be your own good

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